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The DOMS TS Prefeeder is a valuable addition to any high volume production line. This machine allows for operators to feed cartons into the finishing machine the same orientation that they come off the press, print side up.


Capable of reducing both strain and repetitive motion from the operator by allowing them to stage multiple stacks of cartons along the input conveyor. Relieving the need to manually flip the cartons over and square the pile.

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As the new carton stack enter the prefeeder, an elevator lifts the pile while a waterfall belt shingles the cartons and turns them over. The cartons are then discharged into place on the feed belts of the machine.

A sensor directs the flow of cartons and will keep a uniform stack of cartons on the feed belts which helps to eliminate over sized feed piles which can induce doubles entering the machine.

The Prefeeder also includes patter bars to align the carton pile using an adjustable pneumatic pusher arm.

The TS Prefeeder is capable of adjusting for multiple carton types and sizes with an easy to use touch screen control interface.

The discharge spout is adjustable allowing control of the output angle as well as setting the pile height.

Feeding can take it's toll on an operator on a long shift. The TS Prefeeder is designed not only to reduce the strain of manually flipping and stacking cartons, but also to take the manual error out of getting the perfect pile every time.

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  • Reduces the time to feed cartons by
    allowing multiple stacks to be staged

  • Cartons can be loaded straight from the
    pallet to the input conveyor



  • Reduces the time an operator spends
    transferring smaller piles, aligning them,
    flipping them over and squaring the pile



  • Pile height can be maintained consistently

  • Pneumatic pusher bars keep pile uniform

  • Faster setup time and lower manual feeding Maintenance



  • Intuitive touchscreen control panel

  • Works with a wide variety of carton blank styles and coating types

  • Ideal for high speed liquid packaging lines


TS Prefeeder.png
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