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Liqui-tec Seal Pro Hybrid Flame Sealer

The Seal Pro is for those companies that have a need for flame sealing either single or double sided poly-coated cartons as well as production of general folded and glued cartons. This machine provides an alternative for those who currently either do not have enough volume of poly-coated carton production or who are interested in entering the poly-coated carton market that services the frozen food, soap carton and liquid products.


The speed of the Seal Pro (400 meters/min) runs at lower belt speeds than the Phoenix but the production quality on the Seal Pro, like all Liqui-tec machines, remains the same.

  • Side frames are 30mm thick stress relieved steel

  • All carriers, both top and bottom, move on linear bearings

  • All carriers are adjusted using zero backlash precision ball screws and nuts

  • Electronic digital positioning readouts are located throughout machine. Accurate within 0.01mm.

  • All bearing are low fill, low friction special fit for decreased motor loads and long life.

  • Servo driven presser feed gate (multiple optional)

  • Pneumatically raised and lowered feed arch, sealing roll and side score pressure rolls

  • All servo motors, drives and controls are SiemensTM

  • Digital electronic gap indicators for sealing roll and side score pressure rolls

  • Touch control screen provides operator with total machine conditions and diagnostics relative to speeds, temperatures, flows, etc.

  • Optional Liqui-tec Skive Hem-Preseal Section

  • Quick and easy size changes

  • Available in a range of machine widths

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