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Modular Burner Systems

Our modular main burner systems come in different configurations and burner lengths specified to your project needs and machine speeds. Can be mounted on existing machines either attached to the side frame or on it's own control pedestal off the machine.


The mounting system allows for a very wide range of mounting locations as well as precision adjustments. The system comes wired into a mobile electrical cabinet with push button ignition system. With precision controls on gas and air volumes for accurate adjustments to suit various coating and board types.

Sealing Roll Assembly for K Series Machines

This Sealing Roll design was created for installation onto Royal style KF & KJ machines when outfitted with burner systems for flame sealed applications. The Sealing belt goes directly over a lower pulley attached to the center carrier in the end of the Final Fold section and installs directly onto the existing driveshaft. Linked jack screws adjust the amount of pressure in extremely fine increments. Installed on self aligning cartridge bearings and mounted upon a set of precision linear rails.


Can be engineered to be installed on various other machine models.

Liqui-tec Combustion Stack - Single Burn
Liqui-tec K Series Sealing Roll
Pac Pro

The Pac Pro is a carton packing work station positioned after the stacker, designed to assist your packers to more efficiently fill corrugated boxes using less people.


Pac Pro accumulates the folded and sealed cartons and presents them to the packing staff for placement into the corrugated cases. The Pac Pro receives the over-stacked cartons off the lower stacker apron and turns them onto a folded edge. The cartons may be packed side seam up or down by diverting the carton stream to the left or right on the turn conveyor.

From the turn conveyor the blanks, now edge stacked, travel to a gathering conveyor where packers manually remove the counted cartons for inspection and case insertion.

The machine can be run in either direction by simply moving the gathering conveyor to the opposite side and re positioning the guides. It is powered by a dual directional motor that can be reversed with the push of a button.


PacPro Turnstation
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