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The Offline Skive Hem Machine is a means of achieving a skived and hemmed carton edge without having to fully seal the carton in a Flame Sealer.


The machine can be used in the production of cup and tapered style blanks going into a forming machine. Skived cup cartons improve shelf life and move companies away from single use plastic containers and into fully recyclable coated paper carton containers.


The machine is also a productive solution for companies looking to venture into the flame sealing market as it allows them to fully produce skived, hemmed and sealed liquid packaging carton blanks to build their market share and can be upgraded to a full Phoenix Flame Sealer line later on when the product volume requires it.


The Offline Skive Hem Machine incorporates

Liqui-tec’s well proven Skive Hem system utilizing our Apex Computerized Carton Skiver, Stepped Creasing Unit, one of three types of heating systems, Vacuum Hemmer and Hem Sealing Rollers.

  • 25mm (1") thick side frames

  • 20mm (.788") thick carriers

  • All carriers mounted on linear bearings

  • All adjusting screws are zero backlash ball type

  • All bearings are high quality low fill, low friction

  • Pneumatically lifted feed arch

  • All servo motors, drives, touch screen and PLC are SiemensTM

  • Many components are stainless steel and/or ceramic coated

  • Pneumatically raised and lowered feed arch, sealing roll and side score pressure rolls

  • Digital electronic gap indicators for sealing roll and side score pressure rolls

  • Touch control screen provides operator with total machine conditions and diagnostics relative to speeds, temperatures, flows, etc.

  • Includes Liqui-tec's Apex Computerized Carton Skiver & Hem-Preseal technology

  • Quick and easy size changes


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