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Liqui-tec Skive Hem Section

The Liqui-tec LT-HPS can be retrofitted to any existing flame sealer including all LA, LF and LF-B machines. They are available in either a left hand or right hand configuration. Left hand is for spout first fed cartons and right hand is for bottom first fed cartons. The most common is right hand, bottom feed.


The section consists of five critical components; our Liqui-tec Apex Computerized Carton Skiver, Hem Creaser, Hem Burner, Vacuum Hemming system and Hem Crusher unit. This system has been expertly designed from over 50 years of in field experience.


The LT-HPS uses the patented Liqui-tec Vacuum Hemmer process. The Liqui-tec Pre-Seal Section is a machine with a proven track record of higher speeds and exceptional skiving and hemming quality.


The section is designed to be a drop in conversion in between the prefold and the burner section and is designed to be utilized on belt driven machines. Optional line shaft conversions kits will allow it to be installed on Gear driven machines as well.

  • Side frames are 25mm thick stress relieved steel

  • Carriers are 19mm thick stress relieved steel

  • All carriers, both top and bottom, move on linear bearings

  • All carriers are adjusted using zero backlash precision ball screws and nuts

  • Split Belted Carriers for better belt tracking

  • All bearing are low fill, low friction special fit for decreased motor loads and long life

  • Integrates seamlessly into existing LF-B machines

  • Full Touchscreen PLC controls

  • Utilizes Liqui-Tec's proven Skive Hem Sealing Process including our Apex Skiver, Step-Creaser, 316 Stainless Impingement Burner System with controls, Vacuum Hemmer and Hem Crusher. All independantly Driven Servos

  • Optional V-Belt Conversion package to upgrade gear case LF machines to a belted drive system. Including a v-belt driven Rock Crusher in the Final Fold, New Independant Feed Motor and Low Inertia Drum, V-Belt drive Nipper Rolls and Side Register Drive System.

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