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The Liqui-tec Phoenix is the world's most advanced, accurate and dependable full line Flame Sealer. With over 70 years of experience exclusively in liquid packaging, the Phoenix was designed from the ground up to withstand the rigorous demands of the liquid packaging industry. 


The Phoenix features presser feed gates, dual belted side registers, dual prefold sections, reverse wrap carrier belts, Liqui-tec's computerized Apex Carton Skiver, patented hem preseal system and liquid cooled burner carrier. 

The Liqui-tec Apex Carton Skiver is the world's first fully computerized carton skiver bringing carton skiving into the 21st century. Fine tuning your skive adjustments directly from the touchscreen without the unnecessary downtime of shutting down the line. 


Utilizing internal stepper and servo motor adjustments, removable bell knife assembly, built in knife change and micrometer measuring station and internal bell knife drive, the Apex packs in revolutionary features into a space saving design.

The Offline Skive Hem Machine is a means of achieving a skived and hemmed carton edge without having to fully seal the carton in a flame sealer. The machine can be used in the production of cup or tapered style blanks going into a forming machine to improve shelf life or also to Hem cartons to later be run on existing machines equipped with main burners for customers who are trying to build up their liquid packaging base.

The Liqui-tec LT-HPS can be retrofitted to any existing flame sealer including all LA, LF and LF-B machines. They are available in either a left hand or right hand configuration. Left hand is for spout first fed cartons and right hand is for bottom first fed cartons. The most common is right hand, bottom feed.


The LT-HPS uses the patented Liqui-tec Vacuum Hemmer process. The Liqui-tec Pre-Seal Section is a machine with a proven track record of higher speeds and exceptional skiving and hemming quality.

The Seal Pro is for those companies that have a need for flame sealing either single or double sided poly-coated cartons as well as production of general folded and glued cartons. This machine provides an alternative for those who currently either do not have enough volume of poly-coated carton production or who are interested in entering the poly-coated carton market that services the frozen food, soap carton and liquid products.


The DOMS Turnover Prefeeder takes carton stacks as they are produced out of the die cutter print side up, and turns them over to be accumulated into the feed section print side down. 


This process alleviates a good portion of repetitive labor from your operator as they only need to place the carton stacks onto the conveyor belt and the turnover prefeeder does the rest.

Liqui-tec manufactures different ancillary equipment designed to aid carton makers in the production of hermatically sealed cartons. 


Whether it's carton feeders, drop in modular burner systems, sealing roll assemblies, breaker roll assemblies, servo driven presser feed gates or packing assist tables, contact us today and find out how we can help. 



Quality Assurance
& Troubleshooting

Our engineering department is the most experienced and knowledgable in the flame sealing industry. Whether it is for a custom burner system for an existing machine or a machine section to upgrade to our skiving and hemming systems. Give us a call, we can help you through the entire process.

Service, Training
& Consulting
  • Mechanical repairs/maintenance

  • Operator Training

  • Machinery relocation

  • Operational set-up assistance

  • Machine evaluations

  • Consulting /Technical assistance with folding carton manufacturing

  • Special set-up attachments

  • Liquid packaging systems

  • Skiving/Hemming Pre-Seal systems

Our experienced service staff can help you diagnose production issues, carton designs, create quality control testing standards or even just evaluate your production process. We have the most experienced flame sealing personnel in the industry.



Liquitec formed in 2002 and embarked on the engineering, design, and manufacturing of our patented Skive/Hem Pre-Seal Section and shortly thereafter the Liquitec Phoenix Flame Sealer. As a result of increased manufacturing needs, Liquitec entered into a partnership with Duran Machinery, of Istanbul, Turkey. Our engineering and production offices there coordinate all stages of our machine manufacturing from raw materials, to machine completion and testing.


The focus of Liquitec is to provide flame sealing machinery with skiving and hemming capability, along with manufacturing Carton Skivers with a radically different design from anything presently available on the market. A totally new machine was conceived, designed, tested and has evolved into what is considered by many, to be the most innovative and advanced piece of machinery of its kind in the world.


There is no other company in the world with close to the same level of experience and knowledge in the liquid packaging industry.



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